Feigon Hamilton is honored to present our private service consulting firm specializing in the placement of household staff in homes, estates and family offices. We assist in creating and maintaining a synergy in your household or estate through a variety of household systems and tools. We have been helping exclusive clientele nationally and internationally for years sharing ways to enhance their level of awareness of Risk Management where it pertains to their private lives. Household Assessments and Pre-Construction Analysis combined with appropriate staff are just some of the methods we use to set you up to be successful.

Feigon Hamilton believes in supporting both the employer and the employee; before, during and after placement.

Staffing for Risk Management

We are discriminating in our selection process; we represent only the most qualified household and estate staff to our clientele in high-end searches for family offices, estates, and households. Communication is key; we will always articulate the reasoning behind our presentations and are available to discuss in depth the background of any of our candidates. Our specialty is management level staff (not a complete list, and titles change within households): Director of Property and Services, Estate Managers, Household Managers, Butlers, Facilities Managers, Personal Assistants, Chefs and other service and household professionals. Assessing your staffing needs along with an acute awareness of Risk Management in an estate or household goes beyond just hiring. Included in a search is not only the candidate's skill sets, but experience and schooling and personality matches backed up with intense interviews, reference checks and professional background investigations. This combination is imperative for success in the private service industry.

Virtual Human Resources

Contract human resource services are utilized by households without HR departments in their residences or family offices. Establishing an additional arm of your household management system, Virtual Human Resources (VHR), enhances the communication and retention of existing estate and household staff. VHR allows the staff the luxury of a forum or platform in which to express their career concerns, future goals, educational needs or training, conflict resolution, teamwork and even confidential matters.

Training & Coaching

Feigon Hamilton cultivated a team of industry professionals to enable the client/employer to retain existing staff through training and coaching, to achieve a unified and synergistic staff and to bring in new talent that facilitates the implementation of the systems and standards the principal(s) desire.

For the individual employee or potential private service professional we offer training and coaching to assist in refining skills, learning to work with a specific household and principal, broadening your career path or just interested in growth; we offer individual sessions.

Household Needs Assessment

To augment the service team, household/estate systems need to be in place. Feigon Hamilton offers Household Assessments and Pre-Construction Analysis to enable the smooth running and security of your household operations. This can be as simple as evaluating the family's daily lifestyle in conjunction with staff and service flow or as complex as suggesting different systems for running single or multiple homes from security, household/employment/inventory manuals, to zoning and proactive maintenance schedules. Establishing even a couple of Risk Management systems into your home will begin to lighten your daily regime and increase your organizational cohesiveness.

For Pre-Construction Analysis, we will address design modifications that need to be implemented to reflect your vision of household service expectations, security and meet structural changes required in a staffed household to ensure functionality in service flow.

For Household Assessments, we tour and assess homes and work with clients and management staff to discuss and document the best methods to create functionality and harmonious service flow in the household. We also work with your existing staff interviewing and analyzing their present positions in relation to your service needs. We will coordinate with your management staff to create the appropriate job descriptions and spend time integrating any changes.

Autism Specialist for Children

WGL&L is a private consulting group providing families with personalized and effective strategies for turning the challenges and barriers of caring for children with diverse needs into positive outcomes.

Global Emergency Medicine

Black Bag is a private emergency medical consultancy that provides individuals and families with immediate care guidance, regardless of their location in the world.

Estate Software

We offer a distinct estate software package that both compliments and works alongside your existing software to help manage the complexities of running a home from 5,000 square feet on up.


We compile the preferences of your home, lifestyle, yachts, and private jets and assemble the information in bound manuals as well as computerizing it for your use as well as your staff.

We understand that everyone and every business/estate is unique; therefore we take the time to understand each client/employees' specific needs and preferences before making recommendations.

We look forward to being of service!