Meet the team behind Feigon Hamilton

Susan Feigon

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“Harmony in the household.”

Susan Feigon, co-founder of Feigon Hamilton, brings together her private service experience and staffing expertise in the areas of relationship management of employees and employers through coaching and counseling to create a cohesive vision for the team.

For over twenty years, Ms. Feigon has been successfully advising clients on their estates from systems to staff. She primarily focuses on the human element and provides on-going support in the staffing of extensive private estates as well as addressing the retention of existing employees. What makes Susan's client services unique are her personalized attention to each person's specific needs and desires. Attitude, skill levels and depth of knowledge need to be assessed at regular intervals in order to preserve the employer-employee relationship long term. Good communication and documentation finish off this process to assure their mutual success.

Prior to staffing, Susan managed a large estate in the San Francisco Bay Area and oversaw the multiple residences for her employers. She learned the importance of setting up systems, creating solid relationships with the estates’ team and vendors and being one step ahead of her principals. Today, Ms. Feigon parlays this hands-on knowledge to both clients and candidates and has expanded her repertoire over the years to help educate and impart new techniques of management that encompasses smart home technology and other household systems.

Susan’s focus; confidentiality and the highest level of service.

Gail Hamilton

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“Solutions beyond the match!”

Gail Hamilton, co-founder of Feigon Hamilton has a career history spanning over twenty years specializing in client services for household management placement. Aligning her expertise with her innate ability to communicate, Ms. Hamilton is able to offer superior support and counseling to both employers and employees to assist in creating a streamlined, yet comprehensive customized service plan for the home.

As staffing coordinator and counselor, Gail has created a warm yet professional relationship with many high profile employers, including Fortune 500 companies, CEO's, politicians and celebrities.

Additionally, Ms. Hamilton enjoys a working relationship with many top level officers and Senior Enlisted Aids currently serving in the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., as well as those in personal service to both the President and Vice President of the United States in their respective private residences and Camp David. She consults with these and many other industry veterans on a continuing basis to keep abreast of current trends and evolutions in the profession.

Ms. Hamilton has been quoted in such prominent publications as The New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal as one of the experts in the field of private service and household management staffing.