All Star Employee?? Kevin O’Leary sheds some light on how to best approach this…

Nov 13, 2018 | feigonhamilton | Coffee Cluck by Feigon Hamilton, Employment Protocol

We have seen it all after 20 plus years of staffing private estates and residences across the nation. You think you know it all, you are the chief of staff/estate manager and just took on the job of your dreams for $$$$, you believe you need to make changes right away to prove to your new boss that he/she hired that Rock Star, the Unicorn, the A+++ employee – think again. Before ruffling the feathers of your new staff, before changing out all the systems they have in place, take the time to learn how they work – a lot of time – and eventually bring up ideas that might streamline things.  Your talents will be seen, more in the light of “being a great boss” and representative of your employer than the reason for the mutiny of your employers’ staff.  FHP

HOW TO BE AN ALL START EMPLOYEE by Kevin O’Leary Chairman at O’Shares ETFs and Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank

We’ve talked about how to be an all star boss, but how about an all star employee? You already know what I do with problematic employees – I whack them, without exception. At least once on your path to entrepeneurship, you’re going to have to work for someone. Here are a few things you can do right from the start that will help you avoid the ax and give you a firm foothold in the workplace. If you’re in a position to hire, honing these attributes will also help you spot the same qualities in the winners who will come work for you.

1. Pace yourself. Chances are, you were hired because you’re a hotshot. It’s not time to relax – but instead of jumping right in, take some time to observe and assess. Get the lay of the land. Don’t announce your hotshot-edness upon arrival. Rising stars already have a built in trajectory. You don’t need to accelerate the process.

2. Take stock. Not everyone becomes a partner, even if you’re there at the inception of companies like Facebook or Google. But a lot of those early employees took stock rather than exorbitant wages. Today, they’re stinking rich, taking stock shows faith in the company – plus, anything that ups the stakes ups the performance. It might mean a lower paycheck initially, but if you’re passionate about the venture, and feel your ideas will impact and influence the business, this is a good way to go.

3. Think beyond your borders. If you really want to set yourself apart from your peers, beyond knowing everything there is to know about your company and competitors. Read the trade papers, study the company taking away clients, subscribe to them, attend competitors’ seminars, eat at the restaurants that leech your clientele. Don’t be myopic. If business is war, this is the espionage part.

4. Don’t brownnose the boss. They’ll catch on to your manipulation. You’re better off sidling up to the top salesperson or smart assistant and learn their tricks to being a valuable part of the team.

5. Your desk says a lot about you. Keep it clean and orderly, with some personal touches here and there, but avoid colorful distracting detritus…AND NO STUFFED ANIMALS. I’ll light it on fire right before I fire you.

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