No, you are not crazy…. https://www.vox.com/recode/22673353/unemployment-job-search-linkedin-indeed-algorithm

More Interview Tips

Do your homework before you interview. Don’t forget to add “weaknesses” to your list too. You will be prepared for…

Continuing Education: Estate Management Solutions

Our friend, Peter VanRyder is offering his wonderful and informative Essentials course on Zoom.  He also is offering a special…

Buckingham Palace hiring cleaners:

Though we know this is a challenging job working for the royal family, what is positive about it is that…

Editing your resume to make it powerful – some comments and ideas from hiring reps pulled from many different parts of the world. They all say the same thing – “content is king!” Okay, they didn’t say that but this is your calling card, it is important for you to put effort in it. Article below:

Growing Up Rich…..a young man’s perspective


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