Buckingham Palace hiring cleaners:

Though we know this is a challenging job working for the royal family, what is positive about it is that…

Editing your resume to make it powerful – some comments and ideas from hiring reps pulled from many different parts of the world. They all say the same thing – “content is king!” Okay, they didn’t say that but this is your calling card, it is important for you to put effort in it. Article below:

Growing Up Rich…..a young man’s perspective


The New Normal: Administrative Managers Working Virtually

Trust. Trust. Trust. Prior to Covid 19, most managers worked on-site in the family office or on the property. The…

Breaking Protocol in Private Service? Sometimes it is just a little thing that makes all the difference…

Creating a team in a work environment starts at the top. Princess Di was able to find that balance even…

The New Normal: Household/Estate Procedures

Have you started rewriting the household manual, procedures, job descriptions yet? Daily task lists and manuals could include cleanliness expectations,…

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