Breaking Protocol in Private Service? Sometimes it is just a little thing that makes all the difference…

Creating a team in a work environment starts at the top. Princess Di was able to find that balance even…

The New Normal: Household/Estate Procedures

Have you started rewriting the household manual, procedures, job descriptions yet? Daily task lists and manuals could include cleanliness expectations,…

Working From Home???

Things might be changing moving forward for Private Service Professionals due to Covid and beyond….. Finding ways to work remotely…

Michelle Obama brought the White House staff into the 21st century. No more tuxedos ~ they maintained respect and professional…

Sad to read that this is still occurring. What we have seen from our clientele is respect, caring, rearranging staffing schedules, giving out protective gear, time off and more.

~FH https://www.thecut.com/2020/04/nannies-working-during-coronavirus.html

We see Chefs being the first hires when Covid 19 is more contained….


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