Elevating Your Existing Staff – Where to Begin?

Apr 30, 2018 | feigonhamilton | Feigon Hamilton Blog

Some of us are blessed enough to have the perfect staff. They are trustworthy, loyal and efficient. They are high-performers and do their work impeccably, they’re personable, professional, hard-working, and eager. You want to take care of them as they have you – or maybe help them achieve goals they might not even know exist. How would I do that, you ask? You start by elevating your existing staff, and here are a few suggestions.

Carefully craft the position
Positional changes in the household’s lifestyle or staff can come abruptly, but you can ensure a successful transition for both you and your staff by crafting new job descriptions and highlighting expectations for the position(s) in question. Take the time to clearly identify the position(s) that are shifting or new positions you need filled and all the details that come with it.

Share your thoughts in a meeting
Dropping a hint here and there about the changes coming to the household is not the best form of communication. Gathering your thoughts and ideas and presenting them to your team in a professional manner will always provide a double back level of respect. Holding a meeting to discuss your thoughts will allow your staff and yourself time to absorb the topic without distraction. Let them know that if they are interested, they might want to update their resume and set up a private meeting.

Acknowledge your staff’s current position
Your appreciation and reinforcement of their good work will give them confidence and security.  If you need them to take on a new task, they will usually be open to adding it into their day. Supportive employers tend to help their favored staff members move on to something that may better their livelihood if available. If you find yourself with an opening, take a look at your existing team and find out who might be the best choice.

Offer or modify compensation
Respecting your private staff as professionals goes a long way. Private staff are committed to helping you maintain a comfortable and gracious lifestyle. With added responsibilities, should come added benefits. It only makes sense to provide competitive compensation. Oftentimes, it is just a bump in salary and other times adding on benefits such as housing, extra vacation, a car for use personally and for business, continuing education and more are welcomed.

Offer the position professionally
You’ve crafted the position, held your meeting and acknowledged your staff’s hard work. They seem interested, so now it is time to offer the position to them formally. Revise their contract adding the new job description and an employment letter spelling out the expectations as well as the agreed upon new compensation.

Provide the tools and support
A new position is exciting, but even more exciting is a new position with all the tools and support one needs. Take the time to train them yourself or enlist the help of an outside trainer, a professional that can elevate and assure the success of the advancement. Be sure to also enlist them in training a new staff member for the position they just vacated. Be sure to give your staff everything from equipment, manuals, procedures, software, hardware, assistants, etc. Set them up for success from the start, because without the tools of their trade, they may feel set up for failure.

Allow them to find their comfort zone
Change is difficult – whether it is for the good or bad. Allow your staff the time to find their comfort zone with their new position. A little sensitivity to this can help maintain a harmonious, productive, long-term relationship.

Follow Up
Remember, your staff have made the decision to be of service to others (you and your family). Maintaining a productive and thriving working relationship requires time to reflect and build together. Joining in on regularly scheduled staff meetings is a great way to let your staff share their ideas, concerns and suggestions with you. It is a time investment that reaps the rewards of efficiency, loyalty and retention.

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