Etiquette training ~ a must for working with our clientele and their colleagues/friends:

Dec 6, 2019 | feigonhamilton | Uncategorized

Walking into the iconic Plaza Hotel on a recent chilly Saturday morning there was a line out the door of one of the venue’s private rooms. A group of mostly millennial women were standing in heeled booties, Kate Middleton-inspired dresses and designer bags, showing off perfect blowouts, as if they’d all hit the Dry Bar in one go and all requested the Cosmo-Tai

The young women in question weren’t heading to an extravagant wedding – which The Plaza is also famous for hosting – they were all on their way to an etiquette lesson. 

Mykka Meier’s Beaumont Etiquette lessons are entirely modern. Part of me expected a Cotillion repeat, with someone critiquing my fork holding and explaining how to set a table. But her course is designed for the modern era – it’s gender neutral (so no “ladies first”) with the aim of making men and women feel more comfortable and charismatic in any social setting. 

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