The New Normal: Administrative Managers Working Virtually

Jun 9, 2020 | feigonhamilton | Coffee Cluck by Feigon Hamilton, Employment Protocol, Feigon Hamilton Blog, Uncategorized

Trust. Trust. Trust.

Prior to Covid 19, most managers worked on-site in the family office or on the property. The principal knew you were there and productive. Your team was also on-site and operating well because you were there supervising.

Presently we have many private service professionals working from home or in an off-site office with minimal staff.

Not everyone wants to work virtually.  Some people need and thrive by working with their team. Due to the pandemic, we really need to assess how to make this viable for everyone keeping employees, employers, and managers healthy and safe regardless of how you prefer to work.   

Future thoughts….

~How much of your job can be done virtually?

~How often to you really need to be on-site?

~What is stopping you and your employer from continuing to have you work virtually?

~What is preventing you from having some of your team work virtually?

Anyone with administrative tasks could transition easily into a full-time or part-time virtual employee.

How can you make this “The New Normal,” over the next year or so while the medical professionals find a vaccine?  

Trust is paramount.

One major consideration to working virtually – does your employer or manager trust you? Do they trust that you are getting the work done? What new protocols can you set up for yourself and your team to alleviate this concern?

Since you are not physically there, here are some tips:

  1. If you are the manager of a hands-on team that is working on-site – create a job/task list for each day/week and month (for larger projects) and have the employee check the boxes that are completed – include what time they arrived and departed as well.  This can be as simple or as complex as you need. It will allow you to see where they have been and what you might need to adjust.
  2. As a manager, you might create a daily or weekly report of your contributions to be shared with your employer.  Though they will see your completed work via new appointments made, travel arrangements, items ordered, finances paid, ongoing projects, renovations, HR, etc., it is a good idea to list everything.
  3. To keep your team together and motivated, Zoom meetings in the morning before everyone gets busy working can be worthwhile to keep each person on point and focused on the needs of their employer.
  4. Conducting Zoom meetings once a week are also advantageous so you can go over goals and expectations for the employer and their family for the following week.  You can also make this meeting more casual with a theme such as a “happy hour”.
  5. Managers might rotate one day on-site for meetings in person with their employers and to observe and address any issues that might be occurring.
  6. Lastly, keeping up on your individual team members via a FaceTime/Zoom/Skype call. You can address private issues with them, so they feel connected and *heard*.

“The New Normal” might just be the forever normal. Establishing protocols for every work style (virtual and on-site) will enable employers and managers to trust their staff and keep everyone connected, happy and healthy.  

~Feigon Hamilton Team

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