The New Normal: Household/Estate Procedures

May 26, 2020 | feigonhamilton | Uncategorized

Have you started rewriting the household manual, procedures, job descriptions yet?

Daily task lists and manuals could include cleanliness expectations, health/safety etiquette and rules for social distancing while at work for every position. It could also include plans for future events/activities such as small gatherings, how will that look? Travel to secondary residences; who will go and how will that be handled? Consider creating a document for vendors to be sent out prior to their arrival on your household’s standards. And simple things like cleaning the car after a staff member drove it for their employer or it was brought back from the mechanics…lots to think about and prepare for.

Many of you are working full-time but life outside the home is still slow so this could be something to chip away at if you already haven’t. If you are not working or working part-time, create your own procedures envisioning your next position in a large home with multiple staff so you can bring ideas with you when you interview.

It never hurts to be prepared!

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