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Finding a new position, especially in the private service industry, can be difficult to do alone. Some people start with referrals from other household employees or employers that are looking and asking their friends for recommendations while others try to network only to come up empty handed. You might have better success by adding the assistance of a placement agency or recruiter into your job search. Not only will they know the employer, they will be privy to the nuances and expectations as well as the hiring history. 

Types of Agencies

There are a few types of agencies that work in the field of placing private service professionals. You can reach out to several when looking for a new position but keep these thoughts in mind.

One such agency may specialize in domestic staffing of nanny or housekeeping services. They tend to be local and focused on local jobs and local candidates only. 

Meanwhile, a national agency or recruiter is likely to focus on positions across the United States for employers that will assist in relocation. These jobs will most often be of the management level for estates such as; chief of staff, estate managers, household managers, butlers, couples, chefs and personal assistants. 

The third type of agency is a hospitality firm. Their focus is staffing hotels and resorts, but they also will work with estates identifying General Managers from boutique hotels to manage their multiple estates and extensive staff.

The positions will probably be where there is a greater population of higher net worth residents such as New York/Tri-state or the San Francisco Bay Area as well as parts of Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago and many locations in Texas. Employers will look at locals first but many times they will be seeking A+ candidates for their management positions and thus, they will reach out beyond their own state. The position you’re seeking will largely drive the agencies you choose to work with. It’s important to do your research on a particular agency or recruiters before contacting them.

How a Placement Agency Works

Perspective employers hire agencies to market their positions to qualified individuals. The agency is tasked with finding people who will fit the roles to become valuable members of the household or estate. A reputable agency will gather information on a candidate long before they even consider presenting them to a potential employer. The NEED to get to know you is imperative.

In order to find the right person for the role, agencies will first go through their own database and networking base of individuals that match the position they are looking to fill.  If the job is narrow in scope, or if the employer is looking for someone *very special* the agency will have to do what is called a *hard recruit* and place ads on various job boards.

Identifying and qualifying candidates is imperative, much more so than in a corporate office. This is a private home and the need for security and confidentiality is essential. Information needs to be gathered prior to a presentation. It is paramount that the agency verifies your background as well as conducting a lengthy interview to get to know you, your talents and personality. This process will include gathering letters of recommendation, confirming employment, obtaining an up-to-date resume and references. A placement agency will work with you through these tasks to ensure your skills are clearly represented prior to introducing you to a client.

Advantages of Agencies                          

For a busy employer, it’s much easier to outsource the project of screening perspective staff to someone with experience.

Agencies have the advantage of seeing both sides of the coin. They know the needs required by the employers and what type of employees will work best with their team. A placement agency will work with employers to set expectations and identify the candidates that will be the right fit. This insight helps the agency tailor the job description to meet the service standards desired by the employer.

Working in the private service industry has its own unique set of expectations. These range from not only having experience in extremely large and complex residences but the necessity to having the right essence. Being professional is key but also having the right protocol and etiquette along with a touch of warmth.

A placement agency in the private service industry will be tasked with searching for jobs such as estate and household managers, personal assistants, financial officers, family office staff, chefs, security professionals, nannies, housekeepers, and butlers. They need to know what each of these positions encompass in order to be successful in finding the right match. The goal is to create a successful placement that becomes a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship.

We want people to become valued members of the staff and part of the ongoing smooth operations of the household. Working with an agency ensures a good fit in skills and personality. For an employee, this means placement in a home where you have the ability to truly shine.

Working with Feigon Hamilton

At Feigon Hamilton, we are passionate about our work. Our reputation proceeds us and follows us. We believe in partnering with our clients and candidates from the first phone call throughout the many years of employment.

We work with employers across the country to offer the expert solutions and A+ candidates that our clients have come to expect. Feigon Hamilton recruiters ensure that everyone has the right expectations in place before walking into a new estate or household.  We are available as coaches and confidants and can assuage challenges before they become problematic.  

These are the reasons why households and staff alike rely on Feigon Hamilton for their staffing needs. We work to make each placement a success for both employee and employer.

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Success comes while working with the right placement agency.


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